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5 Ways To Practice Self-Love

Hey friend! Did you know that you’re a special person?

There is no one else quite like YOU. And that makes you special, one-of-a-kind! And you deserve to be loved not only by others, but most of all, by yourself.

Self-love is not about ego, it's about compassion, having a high regard for your well-being and happiness. And loving yourself doesn't mean that you're 'perfect,' the brightest or most talented with all of your ducks in a row. Loving yourself is the act of embracing your awesomesauce as well as your flaws.

And like any other skill, it is something that takes practice and work. But it has so many rewards! Regularly practicing self-love will empower you to push through limiting beliefs and live your healthiest, happiest life.

It's time to show yourself some love with one (or all) of these five powerful practices.

5 ways to practice self love

Make yourself a healthy treat

How often do you make a tasty treat for yourself to enjoy?

Make something just for you or share with the ones you love.

Try one of these delectable chocolate treats:

make yourself a healthy treat

Write yourself a love note

Self-love takes practice, and when it comes to healthy living we often find more reasons to criticize than lover ourselves. One of the simplest ways to start reinforcing positive self-talk is to write down a few things you love about yourself.

Try writing a letter that starts with "Dear (your name), here are all of the things I love about you" and list as many things as you can. Big or small, we count it all!

write yourself a love letter

Take yourself on a date

Do you ever take yourself out? Planning a solo-date can be a fun way to reinforce self-love. Pick something you enjoy doing – like a yoga, getting a manicure, attending a cooking class, or even going out to enjoy a meal with a great book. It's so empowering to treat yourself well.

take yourself on a date

Cook yourself a fabulous meal

Get into the habit of cooking for yourself as if you're preparing a lovely meal for a friend or loved one. It feels good to be the guest at your own table from time to time and treat yourself to something fabulous you can't wait to enjoy!

Try one of these yummy recipes:

cook yourself a fabulous meal

Give yourself permission to rest

It’s ok to just relax. You really don’t have to do All The Things. Give yourself a day to rest your body and take a break from the hustle and grind. It may look like curling up on the sofa with a warm blanket and a good book, having a bubble bath, or enjoying a home-cooked meal with someone you love. Whatever it is, let it be restful!

give yourself permission to rest

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