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The powerful link between social support and weight loss

Did you know that having a social support network has been shown to increase your chances for successful weight loss and maintenance?

Support: it's is pretty much a requirement for getting anything done in life. We thrive in collaboration, accountability, and inspiring and motivating partnerships.

And studies have shown individuals who have a support network in place lose more weight and keep it off longer than those without. The power of connection and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals makes sense. It's a built in inspiration, motivation and accountability tank.

Learn how it works and the simple tips to help you find your tribe (aka social support team).

Create Your Healthy Living Support Team For Success

Who’s Your Social Support Team?

So many of my accomplishments would not have happened without the guidance and support of my grandfather, friends, coaches and mentors.

When I think back on my journey, I can see how instrumental these teammates were. From childhood, my grandfather was always a powerful role model in my life. He was a businessman who came from nothing and built his future into something. He taught me many valuable lessons over the years about hard work, resilience and the power of perspective. I can still remember my grandfather gently calling me by my full name when I'd try to quit on myself for fear of not getting it 'perfect', complain about feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges, or wonder if I would really ever achieve my goals. He was always there to help me problem solve, give me a reality check and cheer me on. He'd remind me to take a step back and reassess rather than give up. He'd encourage me to keep it simple and to focus on solutions rather than problems. And he was the first one in line to celebrate the small wins. It's been years since he passed and to this day I still hear his lessons, reminders, and encouragement... my own personal Jimin'y Cricket sitting on my shoulder, reminding me to pause, look and listen.

Now, I’m not saying everyone needs a Jimin'y Cricket sitting on their shoulder. What I am saying is I can tell you after years of coaching and my own healthy living journey, we ALL need someone to lean on from time to time. Because we're human! And having that support is one of the keys to reducing self -sabotage, making it easier for you to show up for yourself (and keep showing up) so you can make it to the finish line. This is the power of finding your TRIBE.

"Life is not a solo act. It’s a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in times of strife." -Tim Gunn

Get an accountability buddy

Finding Your Tribe

Start by searching out like-minded individuals in other areas of your life. Chances are you interact with health-conscious people every day, though you may not realize it.

Maybe it's in a Facebook community, fitness classes offered at your community center, or a meetup group in your neighborhood. It might be some folks you work with, commute with or that your kids go to school with.

Start to notice your daily and weekly routines and the people that you see actively working toward similar goals or living that active and health conscious life you crave.

create a support network

Creating Your Tribe

If you’re looking around and you don’t see much of a support network in your immediate social circle, here’s my best advice: hire someone to be that person. Most nutritionists and health coaches out there do what they do because they've been there too. And many of them also host communities (online or in person) you can get involved with to expand your social support team.

The fact is we're able to achieve so much more together than we ever will alone. That's because your tribe has the power to lift you up, cheer you on and help you problem solve challenges when they arise. They will be your collaborators, your cheerleaders, and make it easier to keep showing up for you. And they have been where you are, are going through it too, and share a similar mission.

Bottom line: weight loss is a long game. Having people there in your corner, for good times and hard times, makes it easier. Surrounding yourself with a tribe is the simplest and most effective way to keep yourself moving forward so you can reach your goals (and maintain them). And, friend, you're worth it.

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