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Health Benefits of Garlic

Looking for a simple way to empower your health and wellness? Explore the power of spices! This week's tip shares the many health benefits of garlic. Not just to keep the vampires at bay or flavor up your favorite Italian dish, garlic actually offers a whole host of healthy benefits! Originally cultivated by Ancient Egyptians to support endurance and strength, garlic has long been used for it's culinary and medicinal properties alike. While it may not live up to the folklore of bringing good luck or warding off evil spirits, it's aromatic and bold flavor will most definitely tantalize your taste buds while offering some great health and wellness benefits too!

Health Benefits of Garlic

Health benefits of garlic:

  • Healthy heart benefits

  • Lowers risk of oxidative stress

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits

  • Has been shown to help protect against certain types of cancer

  • Improves iron metabolism

  • Helps lower blood pressure

Simple ways to incorporate garlic into your daily diet:

  • Add minced garlic to sauces, soups, pastas and rice dishes

  • Use minced or powdered garlic to season everything from vegetables and beans to lean meats and whole grains

  • Bake the spice into your next batch of bread and hearty rolls

  • Roast a whole garlic bulb with a bit of olive oil and scrape out the caramelized interior to spread on potatoes, whole grain bread, and more!

  • Puree fresh garlic with garbanzo beans, lemon, olive oil, and tahini for a tasty DIY hummus dip

  • Combine a bit of fresh minced garlic with lemon or lime, olive oil, pepper, honey, dijon mustard, and a bit of vinegar for a zesty DIY salad dressing

Here's to empowering your health!

Health benefits of spices

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