7 Ways to Boost Happiness

Updated: Jul 19

Happiness is something we all have the ability to create, foster, and share with others, and honoring that ability is an important part of self-care. How can you increase, enhance or obtain more happiness? If you are feeling happiness challenged, here are seven great ways to increase your happiness!

Empower your happiness with the help of these seven tips:

Streamline your morning

Set yourself up for a great day from the moment you get out of bed by having a plan for success. Do you often struggle to find your keys as you dash out the door? Try putting them in the same place each night so you'll know where to grab them in the morning. Do you find yourself consistently running a few minutes late? Give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes buffer and you won't feel so rushed. Are you skipping workouts? Try packing a gym bag with fitness items you might need (a change of clothes, athletic shoes, headphones...) and keep it in the car so you'll be workout ready. Is your stomach grumbling by the time you get to work? Prepare a healthy breakfast option you can take on-the-go and you won't be famished when you walk in the door (visit the healthy eating section of our blog for some great breakfast ideas that you can whip up in no time flat!)

Love the skin you're in

People come in all shapes and sizes, with differing attributes and qualities that make us wonderfully unique. Learn to feel comfortable in your own skin by celebrating what makes you uniquely you! Quit the negative self talk and body shaming and embrace all that makes you the amazing, wonderful and unique person you are! Every day tell yourself you are beautiful, strong, worth love and kindness and show that love and kindness to yourself first. You are more than just a body, you have many talents and accomplishments, things that you bring to this world and can share with those around you. Gratitude is always a great attitude.

Smile and the world looks a little brighter

Having a bad day? Feeling grumpy, challenged or frustrated? Studies show that smiling (yes, even when you don't feel like it) can actually improve your mood and outlook. Think about it, have you ever been having a rough day and had a stranger simply share a smile? Suddenly things don’t seem so gloomy and you might even find yourself smiling back, then paying it forward and sharing a smile to brighten someone else’s day! Smiles and positivity are contagious! I am not saying you have to be “fake” or walk around with a Polyanna head in the clouds attitude, just to choose happy and to share a bit of happy with someone around you…the impact is beneficial for you and the one receiving the smile.

Move more

Make time for exercise. Whether it is taking a 10 minute walk on your lunch break or walking the dog after a long day at work, you don't have to hit the gym to reap the mind, body and spirit benefits of movement. The simple act of movement can increase blood flow and oxygen circulation, improve mood, boost energy, help you obtain better sleep and reduce your risk of disease. Need some help carving out some time for exercise? Try setting a daily reminder on your phone to take 10 minutes and move, commit to a weekly fitness routine and recruit friends and/or family to support your move more goals (such as a plan to meet up for a walk after dinner 2-3x a week) or sign up for a weekly fitness class before or after work. There are lots of ways to add more movement to your day, for more ideas check out our article 12 Ways To Move More Each Day.

Replace a bad habit

Unhealthy habits generate negative feelings. Stop the cycle of self-sabotage by replacing less healthy habits with more healthy and supportive ones. Do you find yourself reaching for sweets after a long, or mindlessly munching on chips and crackers while zoning out in front of the television? Try swapping a processed sugar snack for some fresh fruit paired or some fresh veggies with a side of hummus. Take a seat at the counter, table, or outdoor patio and enjoy your food distraction free – no smartphone, television, laptop, etc. If you have tried the healthy eating and distraction free route yet still seem to find yourself constantly visiting the pantry or fridge for more, take a moment to check in on how you are feeling: are you bored, tired, frustrated, lonely or sad? Sometimes it isn’t the food we crave, it is a way to cope with how we are feeling. Look for healthy coping alternatives such as journaling, calling a friend or going for a walk and you will feel better, mind, body and spirit!

Stop the stress spiral

Next time you feel your stress level rising (or starting to spiral out of control), stop and take a deep breathe. Ask yourself, "Is this in my control?" Often when we are faced with stress we feel paralyzed, which of course leads to more stress. Stop the stress spiral and take a moment to assess what is in and outside of your control. This allows you to actively reduce stress by letting of things you cannot change so you can move on, or problem solve the things you can.

Surround yourself with positivity

Ever heard someone say “surround yourself with positive people”? That is because we are more likely to become what we surround ourselves with. In other words, if your goal is to lose weight and get fit, then surrounding yourself with others who are embracing a healthy lifestyle is going to offer the support and accountability that helps make it possible. If your goal is to increase happiness, surrounding yourself with problem solving, happy and inspiring people will have the same effect. Not sure where to start? Try looking at your circle of friends, family, community members, co-workers, or join a meet up or class to meet other like minded individuals. Look for individuals who are where you want to be, and they will continually inspire, motivate, and hold you accountable to that happy track!

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