5 Excellent Indoor Fitness Activities

Updated: Sep 29

Maybe the seasons (and weather) are changing and you are suddenly finding it challenging to stick to your outdoor fitness routine, or perhaps you are in a fitness lull and need to shake up that routine to add a bit of inspiration, motivation and excitement to your training, or maybe you have been sidelined by an injury and are looking for some good cross training options to support your health and fitness goals. Whatever the reason your fitness may be taking you indoors – good news, here are 5 Awesome Indoor Fitness Activities to keep you moving forward!

Here are 5 great ways you can get your move on indoors:


Talk about a great full body exercise! Swimming is an activity that engages several muscle groups at once while placing minimal pressure on joints, perfect if you are in need of a low impact fitness option. Want to challenge your core? Try swimming! When you swim the core has to work hard to hold you steady and keep you afloat as your arms and legs work to move efficiently to propel you through the water. The cross crawl movements that occur in a variety of strokes are constantly shifting weight left to right, creating a swivel like effect, which means you will get an awesome core workout too! And bonus – although you’ll be working up a sweat as you challenge your cardio and strength foundations, you likely won’t even notice as you enjoy the refreshing sensation of the water. Swimming is a great exercise for all ages and fitness levels, allowing the participant to start where they are and gradually build skill, strength and endurance from there.


From the traditional upright bike to recumbent and spin bikes you can choose your type of ride – leisurely to hardcore! Most gym or studio bikes will offer a great low impact wo

rkout, enabling the user set the pace and intensity of their fitness experience and many come loaded with a variety of program options, some even mimic outdoor rides. If you are looking for a great low body workout that places minimal impact to the joints, cycling may be for you! The most common exercise bikes are the traditional upright bike, the recumbent bike and the indoor spin and/or cycle bike. Choose the bike that makes to most sense for you and be sure to consider your current fitness needs – do you need something that will put less pressure on the upper back, shoulders and neck; do you prefer to remain seated throughout your ride; will you be training for an event? The answer to these types of questions can help to determine the best bike for your needs and goals.

Group fitness classes.

From step aerobics to strength training and kickboxing to yoga, group fitness classes offer a variety of options and benefits for beginners to the more advanced. Most classes will incorporate elements that challenge your cardiorespiratory, strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility in a fun and socially supportive way. With so many options out there you can choose from slow and controlled (yoga, martial arts, etc.) to a more high intensity class style (HIIT, kickboxing, etc.) and even select from small or large group formats. Group classes can be a great way to meet other like minded individuals (fitness enthusiasts or someone with a similar goal), to offer accountability, social support, the boost you need to bust through plateaus and alleviate boredom, all while energizing the body and soul.

The gym.

The gym offers a great opportunity to dial in your strength training routine, test out different types of cardio equipment, cross train and challenge your body in new ways. Maybe you are new to strength training, or perhaps you are feeling stuck in your current fitness routine, or maybe you could benefit from a bit of guidance on how to best use the equipment available in a way that will support your fitness needs and goals. Now could be a great time to book a few personal training sessions! Personal training is a great way to recruit accountability, promote a safe and effective workout, break-up the fitness monotony, boost confidence, and more.

Bottom line - taking your fitness indoors doesn’t have to be boring, monotonous or intimidating. There are many great ways you can get your sweat on, enhance skills, boost cardio and muscle strength and promote a healthy fitness balance – all indoors! From swimming to traditional gym workouts, there is a physical activity for a variety of interests, levels and abilities. Who knows, you might just discover a new way to have fun with fitness!

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