Why You Want to Use Resistance Bands in Your Fitness

Updated: Oct 2

Have you heard about resistance bands? Feeling bored in your workout? Looking for a new approach to spark some life into that exercise routine? How about a safe and effective way to strengthen weaker muscle groups while still challenging the stronger muscles? Recovering from an injury? It just might be time to consider Resistance Bands! Resistance bands offer the ease of portability and storage while brining great versatility to nearly any workout! You may have seen them lying around the gym, highlighted in a recent fitness article or at your local sporting goods store and wondered, "what can these do for me?" Really, the question is what can't they do!

What makes resistance bands great

  • They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and strengths - great for beginners to the more advanced!

  • They challenge multiple muscles at once by offering varied tension throughout the exercise movement

  • They're a low impact, safe alternative to traditional free weights and heavy load bearing fitness equipment

  • You're able to dictate the amount of tension placed upon a muscle group so you can easily work at your own fitness level

Benefits of using resistance bands in your exercise routine

They enable you to strengthen weaker muscle groups while simultaneously challenging those that are already strong by offering varied tension throughout each exercise movement.

Bans offer a low impact design that allows you to do a variety of exercise movements without the strain of conventional weight bearing equipment. This is especially helpful if you're new to fitness, recovering from an injury, or simply want to reduce risk of injuring muscles, tendons, joints, and bones when working out on your own.

You're in charge of how easy or difficult the exercise is by deciding how much tension to create and place on a muscle group. Want less tension? Give yourself more band. Ready to increase the challenge? Give yourself less. You can also target your workouts to develop strength, endurance, or both based on the amount of tension and reps performed in a given exercise.

One of the most versatile pieces of "equipment," bands can be used for upper body, lower body, core, and combo movement patterns to boost balance and coordination exercises, promote healthy muscular balance, and improve range of motion throughout the body.

And BONUS: from mini loop bands and booty bands to full size resistance bands with handles, straps and even door anchors, resistance bands need very little space, are affordable and easy to take on-the-go. Making them excellent for at-home workouts as well as in the gym, and perfect during times of travel!

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