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Your Best Life?

You're in the right place! Coach Mindy's healthy living programs will help you STOP yo-yo dieting and START creating balanced food and fitness habits, so you can have a healthy relationship with food, lose weight, and feel as amazing as you deserve.


Private Coaching

For the woman who is done with one-size-fits-all diet plans and is ready for a personalized no-nonsense nutrition plan, with expert guidance and support to help them lose weight the way they want to live and never be left alone to try and figure out weight loss again. In private coaching you'll learn how to create balanced food and fitness habits to help you eat better, think better and feel your best, so you can stop dieting and start LIVING!   


The Eat Better Formula


The Eat Better Formula will help you simplify eating better for lasting weight loss with a no-nonsense nutrition plan tailored to you, so you can shed stubborn fat, gain energy, live healthier and happier, free of the diet drama! My self-paced step-by-step course uses a science-backed proven method for weight loss, calculating the calorie range and portions of protein, carbohydrates and fat that are appropriate for YOUR body's needs and goals, so you can support healthy metabolism, hormones and fat loss! 

Weight Loss Winners

Weight Loss Winners is Coach Mindy's monthly membership program for women who are ready to ditch yo-yo dieting for good and give themselves the guidance, tools and support they need to eat better, think better, and feel their best. If you're ready to have a healthier relationship with food and live a life you love while working toward your goals, our membership is for you! Inside you'll learn my signature eat better framework with weekly live group coaching sessions, exclusive monthly resources and materials, and our private member's-only Facebook community, so you can surround yourself with other women who understand your journey. 

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The Online Fitness Club

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For the busy man and woman who wants the flexibility and freedom to workout when and where it works for them, with routines specifically designed to help you improve mobility, boost strength, tone and shape your body.  Maximize your minutes with our revolutionary app that allows you to access your plan from any mobile device or stream it to your smart t.v., making it easy to make fitness happen when and where it works best for you! No more trying to figure out the best exercises for you and your body, you'll finally have a personalized fitness plan with carefully selected exercises and daily habit plans tailored to YOU!

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