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Boost Your Metabolism | Burn Fat | Build Muscle | Have Fun

Enjoy the perks of social support and guided direction in a small group setting with one of our small group fitness classes. Modifications are provided for beginner to the more advanced, so you can get strong and fit while improving mobility, boosting energy and having fun.  


If you’re looking for great workouts, a coach to encourage you, and a community of people to hold you accountable, small group fitness is for you!

clien testimonial

Kelly B.

I’ve been working with Mindy for years. First I hate exercise. I’ve never played sports etc. While starting to work with Mindy I was also doing PT for bursitis and a shoulder injury. She modified exercises for me so I would build strength but not further injure myself. A year later, I am so much stronger! Mindy makes strength conditioning fun, doable, and guess what? I like it! I now work out with Mindy 2x a week. Who would have thought? I’m not a skinny svelte person, but as Mindy says, it’s about being stronger, making good choices, and a bonus: now I like to work out! 


I’ve seen her modify exercises for knee injuries, shoulder injuries, etc. She challenges me every week, but not so much that I hate it! She’s done nutritional counseling with me and I learned so much! 


I have never, in my 57 years, stuck with an exercise program for more than a few months. Here I am several years later looking forward to every Monday and Wednesday night! 


I wouldn’t have any concerns about working with Mindy. She is very knowledgeable about exercise, building strength, nutrition, etc. She’s the real deal. I feel like she really wants me to succeed, be stronger, and take care of myself. 

Small Group Fitness Training
Small Group Fitness Clasess
Small Group Fitness Classes
Small Group Fitness Classes
Small Group Fitness Classes
Small Group Fitness Classes
Small Group Fitness Classes
Small Group Fitness Classes
Small Group Fitness Training

Small Group Fitness Classes 

  Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-7pm 

Each small group fitness class provides...

  • Guided instruction in a small group setting

  • Small class sizes limited to 6 participants

  • Modifications for beginner, intermediate and more advanced fitness levels

  • Fun, energizing, and effective workouts

  • An empowering community of support

IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19 and current restrictions, all of our small group fitness classes are currently being held online. 



Crystal got strong and fit so she could do the things she enjoys most!

"Mindy encourages personal growth while working within my constraints. My physical transformation is apparent to not only myself, but others as well.


More importantly, I feel stronger and can keep up with my three kiddos, where before I was either in pain or struggled with endurance."

Crystal B. 

Christiane has improved her health and is enjoying a better quality of life!

"I started working in small group sessions with Mindy a year ago and really enjoy the classes. In addition to the fun environment, and group support, I was able to stop taking the blood pressure medication I have been taking for over 10 years! Another benefit of the workouts is the number of migraines every month diminished significantly.


Thank you Mindy for giving me back my health so I can enjoy my new grandson!"


Christiane F.

client testimonail

Ed B.

Ed discovered a healthy outlet for daily stress while boosting his health & fitness!

"Mindy’s Small Group Class is always fun, challenging, and good for me. She has a way of pushing the class to new levels and at the same time being very supportive. 


My job is very stressful and as the time goes by during the workout I can feel the stress evaporating and a sense of peace overcoming me. I feel better than I have in at least three years and look forward class twice a week."


Click here to read more about Ed's experience > >

Heather is having fun building muscles!

"Mindy creates very good, challenging workouts in a fun and supportive small-group cohort setting. She provides guidance and encouragement and makes working out fun!


Heather P.

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