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"My health journey started at 340 lbs. Rather than go into the story and details about everything that I tried, diets, exercise, programs, etc.I thought I would share my current chapter with Coach Mindy. From my previous journey I picked up some great healthy habits and a much longer list of what didn’t work and what not to do.  I had come to the realization that I needed to FOCUS and FINE TUNE my nutrition to accomplish my current and future goals of a healthy body weight. This is when I engaged Coach Mindy. 
It has now been 4 short months in directly working with Coach Mindy. We have an accountability call once a week where she reviews MyFitnessPal app and what I have entered every day for my food intake. She checks to see if this is in alignment with the Macros she has set that are unique to me.  She will give me kudos or suggestions on how to improve the following week. This space is a very safe space. She is quite good at making you very comfortable to encourage you of listing everything you consume. It does no good to not track the liquor or the sweets. You track everything! Bottomline, results! You bet! Every day I am satiated, not starving, not hungry, satisfied! No cravings! I currently sit at 285 lbs. I am also at a plateau according to the scale.  However, this journey is much more that the scale. 
I just had my wellness exam and a year later my blood work is excellent, my blood pressure is back to normal (good) levels and my doctor is extremely happy. Yes, I am having to purchase new clothes. While the scale has not been moving the last several weeks, the inches are changing on my body. Definitely less body fat %. After covid we will be able to test to see what the actual number is. I have a long way to go but am excited about the journey and have a high level of confidence in getting there. Get a goal, stick to the goal, share the goal, let Coach Mindy be your accountability partner and stop the noise in your head. LIVE and LOVE life."

David B. (Issaquah, WA)

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"I contacted Mindy because I needed help tightening up my nutrition. As I get older my body has not responded as well to my old "go to's". She was very easy to talk with and is very knowledgeable in Nutrition and Exercise. She practices what she preaches and is very supportive."

Coleen M. (Phoenix, AZ)

"Working with Mindy was really an eye-opener for me, especially as I am someone who has struggled with their weight all of their life. When I met Mindy, I was stuck in a plateau and was desperate for a change as my low-calorie/low-carb diet and constant exercise routine had stopped working. I was beyond disappointed when the scale wouldn't budge and so working with Mindy, I learned tools to begin the end of my toxic relationship with food and really started to hone in on some underlying causes of my crash dieting."

Kristi D. (Miami, FL)


"Four years ago I was walking with a friend up to an observation deck. I quickly became tired, winded and unable to continue. As I walked back down, frustrated, my friend asked me if I was ok. I abruptly replied "I'm a little out of shape in case you haven't noticed". I hadn't seen a doctor in years, but decided to have a physical, and learned that I was overweight with high cholesterol. I tried to lose weight, get in shape, and get healthy but had no idea how. I thought going for a walk once in a while and eating less was enough. It wasn't. And so the frustration led to an apathetic, defeated attitude and even more weight gain over the course of another 2 and a half years. Then I learned that my neighbor is a personal trainer, Mindy Garrett of Mind & Body Elite. I put off seeking her help because I was convinced I could do it alone. I couldn't.

Finally, I broke down and went with my wife, Ashley, for a consultation. Mindy's Jumpstart program was just what we needed. We started with nutrition counseling and fitness training, and quickly learned how easy it is to maintain a healthy diet, which soon became routine and normal. After a month we no longer needed nutrition counseling. The fitness training was challenging, and that's the point. I learned that a leisurely stroll doesn't challenge the body to improve. We learned how to exercise. In the beginning it was frustrating because I was focused only on losing weight. The most important thing I learned from Mindy is that fitness is a total package. There isn't one metric to measure it. It took 3 months to see weight loss, but in those 3 months I was replacing fat with lean muscle, my clothes were fitting better, I had more energy and I stopped having heartburn several times a week. My strength, agility, balance and endurance improved. Then I finally saw the scale move, and once the weight loss started, it continued very quickly. It has been 18 months and 30 pounds since that pivotal first meeting with Mindy. I am now at a healthy weight and cholesterol levels, and in the best shape of my life. It hasn't always been easy, but it has been a lot of fun and by far the most rewarding experience. Thank you Mindy!"

Tom V. (Duvall, WA)

“I was about to pay big bucks to a trendy deprivation diet program, and had already started depriving myself to get a jump on things. I felt horrible, I had less than zero energy, I was sad, but was going to champion through to a better me! What!? 

The light started shining through as Mindy coached me over the phone, so I signed up for a month of common sense Mindy nutrition. It amazes me what one piece of fruit can give a body, what a well balanced eating plan can offer, so if you're about to spend the big money on the newest trendy diet, turn around and RUN to Mindy Garrett.”

Carrie M. (Carnation, WA)


"Before the program I felt tired and wasn't sleeping enough, fat with no control over what I was ate, and sorry for myself, 'No one cares, why should I?' During the program I learned it's not a race, it's a journey, I discovered I like working out, I learned I can meal plan and when I do I spend less money, and I discovered I can be a healthier and happier person. And now that I have completed the program I feel like I can ask for help, pick healthy foods, and live healthy and happy!"

Tammy H. (Issaquah, WA)


"Mindy does a great job training each individual at their own level. She is encouraging and never boring. She understands nutrition and human nature so she is the perfect coach for someone trying to lose weight and get fit."  

Kara N. (Sammamish, WA)

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"I've been training with Mindy for about 2 months now. I can honestly say that Mindy is one of the most motivating, charismatic and genuinely nice people I've ever met. You can see and feel how much she loves what she does. Mindy has been helping me get back into shape after gaining 15+lbs over the course of a year and half. I've lost about 8lbs in about a month. I have never felt better in my life, and Mindy not only keeps you motivated through your workout, which is tough, but throughout the week. Mindy is there reminding you to stay focused, eat right, drink water and get on with your daily exercise. With that said, even with all of Mindy's talent, abundant knowledge on targeted exercises, ability to keep the workouts fun, interesting and difficult, getting fit and staying fit is not a piece of cake. Actually you need to stay off cake and instead put in the required work and keep focus on your goals. If you are willing to put in that effort, Mindy WILL make sure you achieve them. You won't be sorry. Okay, maybe a little bit the day after she works your glutes really hard, but hey it's totally worth it!"

Hodan B. (Bellevue, WA)


"Thanks Mindy for helping me shift my mindset and helping me to make small changes to eat healthier and move more. I am starting to see some results and that is encouraging! Baby steps in the right direction!"

Eileen V. (Bellevue, WA)

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"I’ve been using the Online Fitness Club for several months and it’s great! With my gym being closed as a result of COVID, I needed something that would not only be an accountability partner but provide me with a daily workout routine I could take anywhere. I’ve found the app to be very intuitive with an interface that is easy to use. The how-to videos are fantastic and easy to follow. The variety of exercises make the Online Fitness Club a great choice for anyone who wants to try different exercises—plus, with no gym membership and no equipment required, I have no excuse for not getting in great shape! I don’t get bored with the diverse workouts, and I can even privately message Mindy with questions or concerns.

The Online Fitness Club is the perfect program for busy schedules that don’t allow for gym time, frequent travelers, or for someone just getting started who needs to set smaller goals. I highly recommend it!"

Kristi R. (Issaquah, WA)

"The Online Fitness Club has been great for me! Mindy has helped me gain strength in targeted areas and correct muscle imbalance. I’ve gotten stronger, and that success has encouraged me to push myself to do more and harder cardio. 

I love that I get a workout that really addresses my needs and pushes me to do the best I can!"

Christina M. (Maple Valley, WA)


"I started working in small group sessions with Mindy a year ago and really enjoy the classes.
In addition to the fun environment, and group support, I was able to stop taking the blood pressure medication I have been taking for over 10 years. Another benefit of the workouts is the number of migraines every month diminished significantly.
Thank you Mindy for giving me back my health so I can enjoy my new grandson!"

Christiane F. (Federal Way, WA)

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“Mindy from Mind+Body Elite is an amazing motivator. She is creative and supportive! I have been wanting to improve our at home diet – but didn’t really know how to start and was completely overwhelmed by the prospect. She totally transformed how our family eats, which has been great for all of us. In addition, she motivated our “avid indoorsman” to get fit (and ask for whole wheat substitutes and “more green in his smoothies”!). He loves their workouts and is always in a great mood following. Kudos to Mindy and Mind & Body Elite!”

Laura L. (Bothell, WA)

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“I am not a person who likes to exercise, but I love working out with Mindy! She is very supportive and challenges me every time. I never know what plans she has for the small group so working out never is boring. I also appreciate her vast knowledge regarding kinesiology, healthy choices for eating, and sense of humor!!"

Kelly B. (Carnation, WA)


"We have used Mindy solely for nutritional needs. Having a high school crew team member, who works out 3+ hours, five days per week, we needed to make sure her nutrition needs and goals are being met. Mindy made the personalized program informational and fun. My daughter said "this is going to be easy" and enjoys figuring out the food combos!  Thank you Mindy!"

Theresa B. (Snoqualmie, WA)


"Mindy has helped me become healthier and stronger, physically and mentally. She has truly changed my life! She will give you the tools you need to get healthier and put yourself first. In six month's I have lost a total of 6 inches from my waist and hips and I have definitely have definitely gained more muscle."

Patricia C. (Duvall, WA)

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"I first came to Mindy for personal training and her Jumpstart program — I had been out of a fitness routine for some time and getting back on track seemed daunting. Mindy broke it down into something fun and manageable. Her positive and can-do attitude is great and she’ll never let you sell yourself short (or grab the lighter weights, when she knows you are capable and can do more :) A big thank you to her for keeping me on track and helping me continue to reach my goals!"

Abby G. (Duvall, WA)


"Mindy is an amazing trainer. I never left a session not feeling and knowing that I got an amazing workout… I am healthier and stronger because of her help. And, my waist is 3 inches smaller thanks to her!"

Brandy B. (Duvall, WA)


“I’ve had the pleasure of training in private sessions with Mindy Garrett of Mind and Body Elite and, I have to say, she is the best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with! This lady really knows her stuff! Before she works with you she provides you with a list of questions to complete about your health history and exercise history. Then she does an intake evaluation to determine your fitness levels, any limitations you might have, and your health goals. Then the fun begins!!

Mindy was always very prepared for each session complete with my favorite music, a great warm-up, and exercises to train all parts of my body in different ways. I learned so much from her! She taught me exercises I’ve never done before and provided me with handouts of exercises I could do at home. I’m not an exercise junkie, in fact, in don’t really like to work out at all. But Mindy made it fun AND challenging at the same time. She pushed me harder than I would have pushed myself and introduced new ways of moving to me. I highly recommend working with Mindy if you want an efficient, quality, cross training type of work-out that’s fun! She rocks!”

Kris N. (Snoqualmie, WA)


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