Why Your Willpower Is Not The Problem

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Are you ready to lose the weight and keep it off? I'm going to tell you why that latest fad diet is the answer.

After being "good" all week long, the weekend comes and you just want to have FUN. So you go off your "diet plan" and eat All The Things, finding yourself face down in a bowl of chips and salsa and pitcher of margaritas.

It's not you or your lack of willpower that's the problem. It's the DIET.

As a nutritionist, I often see the results of ‘crash diets.' And while you may feel amazing and confident in your body with a glimmer of hope that you're finally losing the weight, the success doesn't last.

Because the path you took to get there was never going to be a forever thing. The truth is if you want to lose weight and keep it off, then you have to fall in love with the process.

What if I told you in order to achieve your goals you'd have to give up all your favorite foods, starting today, for life. Would you feel like doing it?

I know I couldn't. In fact, it was that super strict mindset that often tanked my healthy living goals. That's why I embrace the 80/20 principle.

why diets don't work

Why diets don't work.

When you stop trusting your body’s hunger cues and rely on someone else’s guidelines for eating (a.k.a. dieting), a strange things start to happen. You start to obsess over food, your weight, calories, the carbs... in fact it may be all you think about!

And this creates an unhealthy relationship with food. This type of "eating" comes from a place of fear that is based on deprivation and restriction. And that restrictive and punishing mindset is does not create a kind, compassionate, simple, satisfying or sustainable way of eating. 

Here's the challenge.

The "all or nothing" that is restrictive and punishing is often served up with whatever diet you've chosen. Not only do you have to sacrifice the foods you love and follow a strict set of rules, you might find yourself walking down a path of:

  • No or low carbs

  • High protein

  • Fat free

  • No fruits, only vegetables

  • and the list goes on and on

And that all or nothing approach isn't kind, satisfying, or sustainable. I know because I tried it.

why diets don't work

Here's the solution.

Balance. You need to embrace it in your healthy eating and fitness for long term success. And for me that translates to an 80/20 plan. This is how I was able to stop dieting and start living. It's how I achieved my health and wellness goals. And it is how I have sustained that success for over a decade.

How it works.

80% of the time my intakes are filled with whole, nutrient dense foods: lean proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, and all sorts of fruits and veggies. And I don't tell myself I have to eat kale if I don't like kale, or quinoa if I don't like quinoa. I choose the foods I want to eat!

20% of the time my intakes are my planned indulgences, like nachos from my favorite restaurant, a slice of carrot cake from a local bakery, a glass (or 2) of red wine... whatever I want. I simply􏰇 create room for it in my healthy􏰇 eating plan, that 􏰒way I ne􏰋ver feel restricted or deprived􏰋ed, I a􏰋void food cravings and self-sabotage because no food is off limits and I know I can still enjoy all the 􏰇yummy􏰇 foods I love.

how to eat healthy for weight loss

Here's why it works.

There are all sorts of things that happen in our life, which is why strict and rigid diets are not sustainable, because eventually that donut you've been craving is going to find its way in your mouth. So why not just make room for it 20% of the time? When you implement a healthy balance and stop restricting, labeling foods as "good" or "bad" you can promote healthy balance, listen to your body, and eat in a way that is simple, satisfying and sustainable... guilt-free!

  • It's how you create simple, realistic and sustainable habits.

  • It's how you foster a healthier relationship with food and your body. 

  • And it's how you lose weight the way you actually want to live.

Discover how to take small and simple steps to help you eat better, think better and feel better. Download my FREE 4 Ways To Eat Better Guide and I'll show you how!

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