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Updated: Jul 17

Welcome to the Mind + Body Elite community, I'm so glad you're here!

Hi, I'm Coach Mindy, a health and fitness coach with a passion for helping busy men and women (like you) like your best life.

I am a coach with a unique background in education, business management, and entrepreneurship. I understand the stress of juggling a busy lifestyle and the impact it can have on the mind, body, and spirit. An active person, my world suddenly turned upside down after undergoing multiple back surgeries. Feeling discouraged, frustrated, and stuck in a body that didn’t feel right I decided to use my recovery time as an opportunity to improve my health and wellness.

Over the next year, I not only regained full mobility, but I surpassed doctor’s expectations, running my first half marathon.  

I firmly believe the three pillars to a healthy and happy life are to eat healthy, move daily, and live happy. And that is why I created this blog. A place for you to go to gain the tips, tools and support you need to thrive!

Coming from over two decades of experience in the education field working with youth and families, developmental and supportive nutrition, and health and fitness program design, today I specialize in health and fitness programs for busy men and women. My programs are designed to simplify eating well and exercise so you can restore your confidence, achieve your health and weight loss goals, and live a life you love in a body you are proud of.  

Coach Mindy and her bff Pacey

Listen, my story may not be your story. One thing I know is as humans we each face our own challenges, and for many of us stress has become a normal part of our day-to-day lives wreaking havoc on our health and wellness.

Here is one way to stop the stress spiral and empower more feel good days... and it's so simple it will blow your mind. Choose a healthy living mantra.

Mine mantra is Keep Moving Forward. My mantra first came to me over a decade ago, while recovering from my first back surgery. During that difficult time I was faced with so many challenges. I felt frustration, fear, and discouraged. I realized I needed something empowering for my mind to hold onto when times got tough, to remind me of my WHY, and keep me motivated.

I pulled my mantra out often. I referred to it when I headed to physical therapy, when I needed to go for walks to get my strength up, when I re-entered strength training, when I challenged myself to run again, and every time I choose a salad over nachos or a smoothie over a croissant. It was what helped me keep me eye on the prize - living my healthiest and happiest life.

Keep Moving Forward.

It was simple, yet powerful. I came to understand these words strung together weren't about a bunch of adjectives - strong, brave, fast, resilient, happy, energized - for me it was about staying the course despite rough waters, finishing what I started, no matter how fast or slow the pace, how small or big the step.

I knew as long as I kept moving forward, I would be working toward my goal, and that was all that mattered. It helped me break my goal down into small, manageable steps, and it helped me see progress rather than focus on perfection.

With these 3 words I felt empowered, found joy in my journey, and discover the gift of being present in the moment. There were times when my body hurt, healthy felt hard, stress wanted my emotions to overrule logic. And I would remind myself all I had to do was take it one moment, one choice at a time.

Happiness Is A Choice

I came to realize so many of the barriers we create our self-inflicted. Our biggest limit is our mindset. When your mind feels defeated and exhausted, your actions will follow, your body will feel it down to its bones.

Yet when you give the mind something positive to focus on, a reason to get up and keep on going, you reduce all that noise. You suddenly see opportunities and a sense of purpose.

Today these 3 words are still my mantra. They are inscribed on the back of my iPod, they are hashtag I use on Instagram, they are a framed picture in my office and they are the signature in my email.

Not only does my mantra serve me in my personal life, it serves me in my professional life too. They remind me I am resilient, strong and always have a choice. C

Choose your mantra - a word or a phrase - and let it serve you, inspire you, ignite a fire within you. And may YOU always keep moving forward.

Meet Coach Mindy

Are you a busy man or woman who's ready to feel strong, live healthy, and get fit? Discover how to take small steps to get healthy & fit without cutting out the foods you love or spending countless hours on cardio. Come join me inside my online Facebook Community - The Healthy Habits Club. It's where busy folks go for tips, tools and support they need to eat healthy, move daily, and feel good for life!

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