Reflections and Revelations

One chapter closes and another begins. Then end of a year offers time for reflection, amount to realize the revelations and lessons of the past and the opportunity to use that knowledge to make the next year even better!

Have you made your list of reflections, set new goals, and realized new missions? We all have our wish list, now is the year to live your best life and make those dreams reality! Part of my mission is to continue to share with you, be transparent, be a champion and a voice, to provide inspiration and motivation, to keep us all moving forward! As I begin this new year I am excited with purpose, a clear direction, with new goals and a braver mission to make 2015 the best year yet!

Lessons of the past year:

When you play hard you might just get hurt. Truth. Knowing this however, I would still rather play hard than sit on the sidelines and watch the game! Although I have learned to train and "play" smarter as I have gotten older (and hopefully a bit wiser) I still like to hit it hard. It's a part of who I am, I enjoy the challenge, achieving new goals, making dreams a reality, and for me there is no greater feeling than realizing all the amazing things my body is capable of! I am appreciative for every day I wake up with a strong, healthy and able body because I know this is a gift. This past year I have been reminded that part of taking care of one's self sometimes means dialing back the intensity in order to reduce the risk being thrown out of the game. Sometimes it feels like 1 step forward and 2 steps back. And while my head may not always agree with my heart I know that the occasional short term annoyance or frustration of having to slow down, dial it back or just take a few more breaks now and then will offer the reward of better performance and recovery and the ability to sustain quality of life down the road. Health is the greatest wealth and you really don't know it's value until you lose it.

Love, friendship, family, opportunity and adventure often lies unexpected places. It is easy to stick with what you know, stay where it's comfortable, do what you are good at, and surround yourself with the people, places and things that are going to tell you what you want to hear. But where is the growth in that? Where is the fun? Where is the adventure? This past year I have stepped outside of my comfort zone more than usual and because of that I have met some amazing people, welcomed new love, enjoyed new friendships, reconnected with family, had some amazing doors open both personally and professionally, and have experienced some pretty awesome adventures along the way! A bit of risk for all this reward has only reinforced how wonderful being vulnerable and taking risks can be. Yes you may get stung along the way, but the good definitely outweighs the bad!

Have a voice AND don't be afraid to use it. Ok now those who know me might ask, "what are you talking about? You are one of the most vocal people I know." HaHa. Yes that may be true in some cases and I'd have to agree I am not shy, I do have a voice and on many platforms I am not afraid to use it. I have always valued communication and as such strived to be a good communicator, but the bottom line is sometimes fear and risk of rejection means you stick to what you know and play in just those areas you are confident.

2 valuable "hone your voice" lessons this year:

  1. You can't get what you want if you don't ask

  2. Know and be confident in your value

On point one - no one likes rejection, but really what is the worst thing that can happen here. You ask for what you want and the answer is no? Ok, sure, then you move on. But what if the answer is yes!!

And on point two - someone once told me in reference to business when you present your good or service to the world think of it like a box, saying "here is my box for sale, this is what is in my box, this is what the box can do, now you can buy my box for ___ amount of dollars or you can opt to purchase someone else's box." Stand firm and know your value. Be confident and value yourself, respect your abilities, expertise and reputation to demand more, not less of yourself and others will too. Too often we compromise and start parting out the box, leaving us feeling frustrated, resentful, disrespected and disenfranchised. It is ok to let someone (whether it is personal or professional) walk away in order to make room for AND attract what you really want.

Moving forward. The reality is sometimes you have to say no to say yes. I am a bit of a people pleaser. I like to say yes, it makes me feel good! I like to do things for others, I like to be there for people, I would love to be able to serve every potential client that comes my way and I genuinely like to see people happy, healthy and living to their full potential. These are all things that fill me up. The reality however, is that sometimes you aren't going to be that person. Sometimes you aren't the best fit. Sometimes as much as you want to say yes you have to say no for lack of time, ability, or in order to serve the greater good and manage priorities. When you realize your job is not to make everyone else around you happy, to take on every commitment, scenario, job opportunity, and relationship that comes your way you free yourself to take on those things of meaning and fit well it is freeing. Sometimes saying no means you are actually saying yes to something more important.

So thank you 2014 for a great year, some wonderful lessons (even the difficult ones) and the amazing things you introduced into my life. I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!

Live your best life!

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