How To Make Indoor Fitness Fun

Updated: Jul 19

Maybe the seasons (and weather) are changing and you are suddenly finding it challenging to stick to your outdoor fitness routine, or perhaps you are in a fitness lull and need to shake up that routine to add a bit of inspiration, motivation and excitement to your training, or maybe you have been sidelined by an injury and are looking for some good cross training options to support your health and fitness goals. Whatever the reason your fitness may be taking you indoors – good news, here are 5 Awesome Indoor Fitness Activities to keep you moving forward!

Here are 4 fun ways to enjoy fitness indoors:


Swimming engages several muscle groups at once while placing minimal pressure on joints, making it an excellent low impact fitness option. Swimming is a great exercise for all ages and fitness levels, meeting you where you are and helping you improve and build skill, strength, and endurance from there. It is especially great for strengthening the core. When you swim, your core has to work hard to hold you steady and keep you afloat while your arms and legs are working together to move you through the water. The cross crawl movements that are the foundation of many strokes constantly shift body weight, utilizing small and large muscles groups alike, making swimming a great cross training exercise as well. And although you’ll be working up a sweat by challenging your cardio and strength, you probably won’t even notice immersed in the refreshing sensation of water.

How To Make Indoor Fitness Fun


From the traditional upright bike to a recumbent or spin bike you can choose the type that works best for you. Most do not require a big footprint, making them a great at-home piece of equipment. Or you can head to your local gym, community center, or cycling studio for your cycling workout. If you are looking for a great low body tool that places minimal impact to the joints, cycling is a great one. When determining the best stye of ride for you, think about your current fitness and consider any physical needs, such as minimizing pressure on the upper back, shoulders and neck or your seat position during a ride. Knowing the answer to these questions can help to determine the best bike for your needs and goals.

How To Make Indoor Fitness Fun

Group Fitness Classes

Step aerobics, cardio and strength, kickboxing, HIIT, and yoga, are just a few of the types of group fitness classes you might be able to find in your area. Group fitness classes are ideal for individuals who want to enjoy the benefits of guided instruction in a group setting. Participants will benefit from accountability, social support, and enjoy a sense of community by working out with other like-minded members. Group classes alleviate boredom and keep things fun with ever changing fitness routines, helping you bust through fitness plateaus, and develop new skills. And with a wide variety of class styles to choose from, you're sure to discover one that best complements your unique needs and goals.

How To Make Indoor Fitness Fun

Gyms and Fitness Studios

Gyms and Fitness Studios offer great opportunities to use a variety of fitness equipment, cross train, and learn new skills. One of the big advantages of joining a gym or fitness studio is the variety of equipment available, including cardio fitness machines, strength training machines, free weights, and various functional training tools (such as suspension trainers, bosu balance trainers, resistance bands, etc). These types of establishments also offer a sense of community, providing opportunities to meet like-minded individuals also working toward improving their own health and fitness. Whether you are new to exercise or have been enjoying it for years, having a place to go regularly can hold you accountable and provide inspiration and motivation to keep those healthy habits going.

How To Make Indoor Fitness Fun

Bottom line: indoor fitness doesn’t have to be boring, stuffy, or intimidating. There are a variety of fun ways you can score a quality workout, building strength and endurance, while supporting your overall health and wellness too.

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