Adding Epsom Salts To Your Fitness Routine

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Whether you are looking for a way to help soothe aches and pains from a recent workout or you are interested in a holistic add on to your current health and wellness routine, Epsom Salts may be the answer.

Epsom salts, also known as magnesium sulfate, are a chemical compound comprised of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. Affordable, easy to use, and readily available, they offer a natural approach to boosting and improving mind, body, and sprit wellness.

Health Benefits of Epsom Salts:

  • Improve healthy circulation

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Help alleviate muscle cramps

  • Enhance nerve function and regulate electrolytes

  • Ease the effects of migraines

  • Naturally flush toxins

  • Replenish magnesium and sulfate levels

  • They are readily absorbed through the skin

Relieve Aches & Pains, and Reduce Swelling & Inflammation.

Epsom salts dissolve in water and are easily absorbed by the skin, making them a great complement to your next bath. As the salts dissolve in water, they release magnesium and sulfate ions. The magnesium ions in epsom salts have been shown to relieve tension by promoting serotonin, helping to relax the body. Epsom salts have been shown to help soothe aches and pains, reduce swelling, minimize bruising, and detoxify the body. Adding 1 - 2 C of salts to your bath can ease menstrual cramping, help regulate fluids in the body, support healthy circulation, decrease pain and inflammation that occur from sprains and strains, and enhance healing.

How to use them: add 1- 2C of epsom salts to warm bath water and wash away the stress of the day. to help soothe aches and pains, reduce swelling, minimize bruising, and detoxify.

Natural Body Rub

Use epsom salts as a natural all over exfoliant, yes even on your face! Rub a palmful gently over damp skin to soften rough skin areas and slough away dead skin cells. Excellent for shoulders, elbows, and heels. For a natural boost to your facial cleanser add 1/2 tsp to your cleansing cream.

Antibacterial and Anti-Fungal Treatment

Epsom salts are a natural way to treat toenail fungus and athlete's foot. Treat your tootsies by regularly soaking them in a bowl of warm water with 1/2 C epsom salts to help keep the germ bugs at bay as well as reducing any itching, burning, or other symptoms of discomfort.

Support Overall Wellness

There are many, many ways you can incorporate epsom salts into your health, wellness, and fitness routine. Not only are they great for enhancing the natural healing process, but they offer a holistic approach that supports mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well by working with the body's natural resolves to reduce tension and promote feelings of wellness. The conscious act of incorporating regular mindful and meditative activity (such as soaking in a warm bath) offers you important introspective time, which has been shown to improve overall health and well-being. How wonderful to be able to do something good for you, mind, body, and spirit!

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