4 Tips To Stay Motivated In Your Health & Fitness

Updated: Jul 19

Motivation is a uniquely personal thing, what motivates one person may not at all be motivating for someone else. Recently I posed the question, “what motivates you?” on several social media platforms and here are just a few of the answers I received:

“Feeling healthy and energized and spending time outdoors”

“My children”

“Having energy and fitting into smaller jeans”

“Wanting a future life & body that I can be proud of, to feel wonderful & beautiful in my own skin"

“To feel well mentally and physically”

“Feeling confident and capable!”

“To be able to run my first 5K!”

As you can see by the variety in these responses, we all have our own unique motivation. From these answers you can also get a sense what an important role motivation plays in our ability to achieve goals. Without that meaningful reason pushing us forward we are much more likely to lose momentum, get distracted and become discouraged, causing us to steer off course and our goals to move farther and farther away. Motivation is a tool much like a propeller on a plane - it lifts you up and enables you to fly! Ever notice how packed gyms are in January, but then how dead they are by March? What happened to all those highly motivated people? Where did their once strong sense of motivation go? It would appear the challenge is not just to find the motivation, but to keep it.

A few things to keep in mind while working toward your goal:

Half of success is just showing up!

Let's face it, it's pretty hard to achieve results when you aren't putting in the work. Yes it takes time, dedication and commitment...but that time is going to pass anyway so why not do something positive with it?

Recognize those resources and tools available to you.

Health & fitness magazines, blog articles, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram...), podcasts, smartphone apps, free fitness videos found online, on-demand, or even at your local library, health and fitness coaches, and friends and family. Set yourself up for success by realizing the resources all around you AND using them.

Realize there will be peaks and valleys, because we are all human.

When we tackle something new we often start off strong. The excitement of "new," that energizing atmosphere around you as others rally around you and even join in, the reward you begin to feel as you see those initial results from your hard work - these are all the peaks. But just like the mountain ranges, where there are peaks there are also valleys. This is where energy often fades, a routine becomes monotonous, maybe those who once rallied with you dropped out or you hit your first plateau, all you now is you are beginning to feel a shift in momentum and motivation is wavering. But remember rule number one - show up. Because it is in these moments that you power through, stick with it and have to remind yourself why you started. Hone in on your strengths, utilize those supportive health and wellness tools and soon you will discover slumps are just a temporary station along the journey and you will be off to enjoy your next peak.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Tell someone you're feeling stuck or ask for help. Join a supportive social media platform (health & fitness community groups are especially wonderful resource for this), recruit a personal trainer or health and fitness coach, walk up to a regular at your gym and ask them for advice, sign up for a new fitness class and meet some new and motivational people. When you stop and realize all the resources at your disposal you might just be surprised by how much help there really is when you ask for it! Something I love about working in the health, fitness and nutrition industry is how genuinely passionate and supportive people are about helping one another. This is an industry built on helping others live their best lives and empowering meaningful goal achievement! Sometimes when you don't know the answer, you simply need to ask for it.

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