Private Health Coaching

Ditch The Diet | Eat Well | Feel Well | Live Great 

When it comes to healthy living, one size does not fit all. That's why Mind + Body Elite's health coaching programs utilize a personalized approach to your healthy living and weight loss goals, with dedicated time and attention, and a personal plan that considers your goals, body type, and food preferences for real results.


Healthy eating and exercise can be simple, satisfying and sustainable.


Our online coaching programs are designed for busy men and women like you! Conveniently schedule your appointments online to occur by computer or phone with easy online access to all of your coaching materials, so you can use them anytime, anywhere.

Tom V.

Private Health Coaching 


  •  Ditch the diet mentality and enjoy food freedom so you can eat healthily without restriction or the fear of failure.  

  • Learn how to break the cycle of self-sabotage and release self-doubt, so you can live a life you love in a body you are proud of.

  • Feel satisfied and in control of your food choices so you'll never have to count calories, deprive yourself, or walk around feeling hangry again.  

  • Use proven systems that teach you how to feed your hunger, with a personalized plan to create healthy meals you love in a way that promotes weight loss (whether you're a carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free!)

  • Discover how easy it is to make healthy habits happen in just minutes each day. 

  • Feel proud and confident in your ability to make healthier choices and remain consistent.  

  • Gain the tips, tools and support that make eating healthy simple, natural and rewarding so you can feel confident in your ability to make healthy choices and remain consistent. 

Laura empowered her son with the tools for a long and healthy life!

Laura L.

"Mindy from Mind+Body Elite is an amazing motivator. She is creative and supportive! I have been wanting to improve our at home diet – but didn’t really know how to start and was completely overwhelmed by the prospect. She totally transformed how our family eats, which has been great for all of us. Kudos to Mindy and Mind & Body Elite!"


Read more about Laura's experience here > >

Kara lost 50 lbs. and gained the tools to sustain it for life!

Kara N.

"Mindy does a great job training each individual at their own level. She is encouraging and never boring. She understands nutrition and human nature so she is the perfect coach for someone trying to lose weight and get fit."

Eileen discovered how small steps can make all the difference!

Eileen V. 

"Thanks Mindy for helping me shift my mindset and helping me to make small changes to eat healthier and move more. I am starting to see some results and that is encouraging! Baby steps in the right direction!"

Patricia lost 6 inches and gained the confidence to put her health & fitness first!

Patricia C.

"Mindy has helped me become healthier and stronger, physically and mentally. She has truly changed my life! She will give you the tools you need to get healthier and put yourself first. In six month's I have lost a total of 6 inches from my waist and hips and I have definitely have definitely gained more muscle. 

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